Date: 2021.11.19.

Subject: The control of red chicken mites, Dermanyssus gallinae (De Geer, 1778)

Experience and contribution

With our associates, during 24 years of experience in this field, we have made the following:


Acaricides (insecticides, synthetic chemical neurotoxic compounds). Defining profiles (necessary characteristics for D. gallinae control); selection of active substances; resistance monitoring; optimization of practical applications; we achieved the greatest recorded effects in D. gallinae control.

2. SiO2

Defining the profile of SiO2 formulations; identifying shortcomings and limitations; selection of active substances; innovation of combined application of liquid and powder form; optimization of practical application; we achieved the greatest recorded effects in D. gallinae control.

3. Inert oils

Innovations in the field of the specific formulation of inert oils (P 547/17; P 2019/0033); development of original application technology; we achieved the greatest recorded effects in D. gallinae control.

4. Extensive poultry farming

Innovations in the field of mechanical control in extensive poultry farming (P 2017/0762).

5. Program (2000 – 2021, to be continued)

We have proved the importance and significance of the program (rational control and preventive measures), the possibility and need for eradication (extermination of D. gallinae from production facilities and farms) and the effectiveness of biosecurity measures. The program has been proven in practice.

We developed the elements of the program. Highlights: innovation in the field of methods for laboratory testing of formulations; for determining biological efficacy in control (P-441/01); innovation in the field of detection; description of invasion categorization; explained forensic assessment; in the field of biology, we proved: the possibility of starvation of D. gallinae for more than a year; the possibility of transmitting D. gallinae with the domestic fly Musca domestica; resistance to the developmental stages of eggs and nymphs, and in relation to observations developed a control strategy.

Only this program offers farmers the opportunity to solve the problem and prevent further material expenses; it protects consumers of poultry eggs and meat, animals and the environment as much as possible. The program today is based on inert materials. We have proved that the use of acaricides in the control area of D. gallinae is no longer justified.

Despite everything, to this day, the generally accepted professional and scientific opinion is that the eradication (extermination) of D. gallinae from production facilities or farms is not possible.

Research work documented in 40 publications can be found on this website (

Awards, gold medals: 1. The IV GENIUS International Invention Exhibition, Budapest, Hungary (2002), 2. WIPO Medal for Inventors (2020).

Participation in two development projects: The Innovation Fund of Serbia ID 1115 (2018/19) and Biogenoci Ltd, S. Korea (2015). Aleksandar Pavlićević

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